Get involved with OM Southern Africa

You can get involved and make a difference in this world through your prayers. Join us as we pray, praise and thank God for countries, ministries and people across the globe. And be sure to come back as these requests will be updated regularly.


In some situations where we need to minister as an organisation we offer relief services like when there are natural disasters. This ministry offers that. Pray for safety, strength, wisdom and provision.

We do different forms of outreach, depending on the opportunities throughout the year. We get involved during world cup event or even just cup games. We are preparing some literature for the cricket world cup to be held in West Indies during April/May 2007. Pray for provision and that there will be enough participants and that we’ll be ready in time for the start of the world cup.

Other opportunities avail themselves through teaching people some skills they are interested in. We usually do build relationships that can end up as good opportunities to share God’s love without inhibitions or forcefulness. Pray that these will increase and that there will be fruitfulness in these.

We can’t help but get involved regarding the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We offer training on changed lifestyle behaviour but also to get the people talking so as to destroy the stigma that is not helping with the spreading of the disease. We especially target the youth and community leaders including the Church to get involved. Pray for more resources and also for positive response. We want to see people committing to values that will save the nations .

We do not want to see our youth being lost due to lack of guidance and care in these times we are living in. This initiative is to expose teens to the gospel, give them opportunity to make informed choices. This event takes place in Brazil & Uruguay in January 2007 and in SA this should take place for the 1 st time in December 2007. A “Teenstreet”style event will take place in Ireland on the 17 –19 February and Portugal by end of January.


As a development process we identify people with leadership potential and develop them in areas of skill and character.

The reality we are faced with in the world today is lack of leadership. We acknowledge that in the past we focussed only on evangelism without developing those who receive the gospel to disciple others too. We have started this process in Malawi, Ghana and Tanzania. – Please pray for this process to continue fruitfully.


We are working with many different churches either through outreaches, presentations, sending churches or mobilising. We want to strengthen these relationships even to enlarge them.

We are partnering with other likeminded organisation in terms of dealing with the HIV/AIDS pandemic so that we will not re-invent the wheel (doing what has already been done). We have had good relations especially when there are places available for us to send volunteers to experience the reality of the situation. The situation can be overwhelming especially with the limited resources. We need God’s wisdom as to how and with who to partner.


We have seen God’s goodness through the years concerning this ministry. We are hoping to launch Logos Hope to ministry by September 2007. A lot of work has been done and praise God for his provision, encouragement and care. We waited for over a year (still waiting) for the donation to be cleared with the bank – we believe God is in control of the right time.

Pray for more people to join the ship ministry especially professional and skilled personnel. We had a lot of challenges concerning long-term commitment of engineers, seamen and doctors that is critical as the ships will not sail without them.

Our present CEO is planning to step down by the end of this year so we are in the process of finding the right person.

A number of people will leave our office in the next few months and the work has actually increased – pray the Lord of the harvest for more workers especially in the home and regional offices.

Every year we receive more people who come for training herein South Africa. Our base needs serious re-development. We are the process of doing that. The project will so far need R17million. We are waiting on and trusting the Lord to see us through this massive task.

OMSA celebrate 20 years of ministry this year and OM international 50 years!!!!!. We are planning events around these celebrations that could happen through the year even next year since we want to include all our partners who supported us through the years throughout SA.